Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Katie has some new friends here at the Fallon, NV RV Park.
Next door to their huge off-leash dog park are some horses that have bonded with her.  When she comes into the pen, they wander over near the fence line next to it and wait for her to come running.

If she does not notice them there, they will start making noises and stirring up the dust to attract her attention. In the late afternoon they play a game of dogs and horses and she lunges at the fence between then and they take off whinnying and running in small circles on their side before retuning to the fence line for her to do it again.

There are also chickens over there, which completely ignore her though she seem to stand, sometimes for minutes, watching them. I think she is trying to figure out how they don’t fall over on only 2 legs.

A couple of dogs live over there, too, mixed with the chickens and horses and occasionally, they will come over to the fence when they see her out here, too.  They race the length of the common fence and back alongside Katie before they are all tuckered out and everybody loses interest. By then, a sizeable cloud of dust is floating up and away from all the fun.

She has had 2 more seizures within a week of each other. I am suspecting that these are related to some sort of allergy trigger as she has also been sneezing a lot during this period. There is an unbelievable amount of sage brush out here and it seems to be able to grow in places that even rocks have trouble surviving.  It has been in bright yellow bloom from South Dakota thru Wy, MT, Idaho and now, Nevada but the color is starting to fade and so is the sneezing.

I have given her a few half-doses of Benadryl during these times and that does seem to have stopped the sneezing spells and her eyes are not so bloodshot. No more seizures since I started doing that, either.

She is doing very well and loves this dog park. Usually, she is out there alone but it is big enough that she can run and run and run. Sometimes, this is the best medicine for her. It would be nice if there was grass but thank goodness there is no mud.


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