Saturday, February 18, 2012

The day after

Yesterday was a tough day for us.  Katie does not know about Poppy's passing as far as we know.  Their relationship was antagonistic, at best. She would get all hyper on one side of the kitchen door and he would try to huff and puff and bark the door down.  He did not tolerate much frivolousness and that is what Katie is mostly about with other dogs. They did not play well together but that does not mean that they did not have a close relationship... Who knows?

She seems to be struggling with a UTI of some sort, gauging from the amount of water she has started drinking daily.

If it does not improve by Monday we will go see Doctor Jack just to be sure. So far, he has been a winner with clearing up her perpetual ear infections and problems.

On other fronts, her last seizure was 15 days ago and the one before that was 36 days from the previous event so she seems to be in her winter pattern. Another couple of months and I expect them to get farther apart, again.

Meanwhile, she just got a summer cut from a new groomer. First grooming she has had in Florida. We are very pleased. Dawn is the best. If you are in the St Augustine area and need a good groomer, ck out Grooming by Dawn down on US 1 just south of the WalMart supercenter.  She was fast and did a very nice job in under 2 hours while we were stocking stores at Walmart for the week. Her prices are much more reasonable than up in Raleigh, too.

Life in the Stagecoach RV Park has been wonderfully uneventful. A couple of days in the 30s and the rest have been most comfortable 60s and 70s. A little more rain would be nice just to keep the pollen down but Katie loves every walk like it was her first of the day.

If you are a dedicated plastic grocery bag poop bag user, you might consider something we have found to be a lot more convenient.  It is a fat dog bone shaped plastic holder that clips to the handle of the leash or Flexi leash and holds a roll of 15 bags. The rolls can be bought at WalMart, Target, Dollar Tree (thinner bags) but the size seems to be pretty close to the same from them all. Last purchase was 120 bags for about $7 at WalMart.

It is just nice to not have to leak test/check each bag before using it and also, to have a bag handy for whatever comes up wherever Katie happens to be.

That is priceless convenience.


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