Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Katie is alive and well

She has a happy life, keeps our lives structured and returns to us all the love and contact she gets.

Of course, once a seizure dog always a seizure dog but they have stabilized and on Zonisamide they seem to run about once every 30 – 60 days. Longer spans in the summer, shorter over winter. We still don’t have a clue why that is but we certainly speculate about it a lot.

She had one this morning that lasted 2 1/2 hours which was really unusual since she had just had one  9 days ago. The previous one to that was 65 days before.

Her weight stabilized at 34 lbs which she has weighed for over 2 years so it must be her playing weight.  The older I get the heavier that seems to be when I have to pick her up or carry her.  It’s not a gym workout but it can strain muscles and leave them sore for a day or two.

As an RV companion, there are no complaints. She does not shed nor bark much (unless she thinks it is play time… which can get annoying). She does not smell like a dog (unless she has been out in the hot sun for a long time).

Her favorite treat is a rawhide chip (not real rawhide but the pulverized and reformed stuff).  Second to that and her usual reward for doing some exceptional (like taking care of business, going into her crate or generally being too cute) are Bichon Fries. These are dried sweet potatoes cut into crinkle fries. There are other brands but these are nice because the crinkle cut makes it much easier to break them into smaller pieces to better match the size of the kudo (and make them last longer.)



Happy Mother’s day!