Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Bump in the Road..

Katie has had 2 seizures in less than 3 weeks. The first was at 68 days then 2 weeks later, she had another. Poor little girl. These just completely exhaust her but once she falls asleep it stops and when she wakes up, she is just fine, again.

Her awareness of what she needs to do is getting much better. She realizes that she must stay still as possible. If she is in my lap or next to me, she usually pushes up against me and tries to lay her head on me somewhere to stop her head bobbing.

Otherwise, she is well.  It turns out that since we gave her the Comfortis in May she has not had any fleas. We only gave her the one so I doubt that it has controlled them this long. But who knows?  Her metabolism is not normal.

Whatever the reason, it has been nice to not have to keep treating her for fleas monthly.

She is a love and a joy.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Life’s a warm lap..



Katie is doing very well. She is on day 65 since her last seizure.

She is very much at home wherever we are and has handled the changes of campgrounds and environments with enthusiastic indifference.

What a really great Gal she is!

She was up to 35 pounds last year but has now trimmed down to just under 30lbs which seems to be pretty close to her ideal weight. My back can sure tell the difference.



She is still free feeding on Canidae Senior diet dog food but since she has taken to snacking on Sam’s Yams Bichon fries treats and powdered rawhide chews her overall trimness and attitude have been very stable.

The yam treats are crinkle cut like french fries so they are easy to break up into smaller treat sizes as needed. Also makes a bag last a lot longer.  We just keep them in a ziplock in the handiest pantry shelf.

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What a delightful companion to have along in our lives.