Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Happiness

Katie has really loved the holiday season.  Lots of trips to socialize at the dog park up the road and visits from friends and family. She is truly a dog that is wagged by her tail when she is happy.DSC01841

The only glitch for her was a seizure on 12/30 at 5:30am. Sleeping soundly one minute and the next she was in a 90+ minute seizure set. I should have followed my instincts and doubled her meds a couple of days before when I saw her stools showing a dark coating on some of them.

She is in need of some grooming, though. Her chops are getting in her food and her lips are starting to dribble a drink all around, all around. Usually, she comes to have me dry her mouth afterwards but I don’t always catch on that this is why she is standing there staring at me. My bad.

Though the weather has been excellent this recent cold snap seems to have really energized Katie and she is more on a hair trigger to respond to cars, people, dogs or bikes going by us.

She got a few new toys for Christmas but the best is a bone shaped poop bag holder that clips onto the Flexi leash handle. We have long used old grocery bags for pickups but that takes some forethought to be sure to have one in a pocket when it is needed.  This little bag dispenser is always there and worth every penny per bag.  Target has 120 bags in rolls to fit for only about $8, too. Worth every penny.

Our plans are to be in the area for a few months over the winter. We all seem to be really enjoying this place and don’t see any real need to leave.. but things change. We will keep you posted.



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