Wednesday, December 7, 2011

She’s a traveling gal

Katie really loves to travel.  Just the anticipation of going is enough to get her really hyped up. She hangs on every movement towards the door and every word that sounds like “go”.  In short, she is usually on the road before we are.

No different this time for our return trip to Florida but I am afraid that this time her anticipation may have caught up with her.  This morning, at 4:18 am she began a 90 minute seizure after 72 days since her last one.  She was lying between our feet on the bed and it may have been triggered by my suddenly waking her from a deep sleep with my foot while I was turning over.  Being startled awake from a deep slumber has frequently triggered her seizures if the other precursor conditions are in place and this time, unfortunately, they were.

She has had much worse seizures but it has been more than 6 months since she had one that lasted this long so it was bad enough.

Otherwise, Katie has been enjoying our adventures and travels. Once we are on the road, she schedules her time lying on the floor, riding on the bunk looking out of the windows, sleeping on the bunk seats and riding in the lap of whomever is not driving.  A pretty cushy travel style if you ask me.



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