Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy little girl

Katie is doing fine. Her ear infections seem to be all cleared up. She is still on the meds, though, and that seems to be causing her to drink and eat a lot more. We go back to the vet, today, for  the followup and I will ask about that but I am sure it is just a side effect.

One thing that has always been difficult is getting her to let me process her ears.  She would go hide if I even mentioned them.  Since this infection, she sheepishly but cooperatively lets me do the daily treatments and does not even pull away.  Once this is all over, we will be working a little bit on them every day or two.  Just some drops and a good rinse with EpiOtic 3 times a week and this should not happen again.

Boy!  I am sure glad she is feeling better.   Makes me feel better, too.



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